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Solar Panel Cleaning Business Opportunity 20th February 2016

Guest Solar Steve

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Guest Solar Steve

Hi Everyone.


We are running another solar panel cleaning course on 20th February 2016.


As per previous courses, this is a business opportunity for those wishing to carry out professional solar panel cleaning alongside our company, the first part of which is training. It is for people who are interested in becoming one of our Approved Contractors.


We virtually have full UK coverage now, so only have a few areas left to cover. These include parts of Surrey, South Cornwall, North London, Norfolk, Suffolk, West & North Wales, South of Birmingham, Milton Keynes, Peterborough, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland and some areas in Scotland.


There will be companies there who are current Approved Contractors, but who now wish to train more members of their staff.


To read about our previous courses, please click here: Solar Panel Cleaning Training Event Hailed As A Success


Requirements are that you are willing to carry our logo on your vehicle and wear our hi-viz vests on our jobs.


The cost is as per previous courses, £199.00 +VAT for the first member of staff and £99.00 +VAT for each further member of staff.


This will include a day's training, a hot two-course lunch on the day, vehicle logo decals and hi-viz vests.


This has had much publicity on the forum over the last 12 months, so if you have any questions that have not been answered on previous threads, please feel free to ask here.


Thank you.

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Guest Solar Steve
Varies from what to what?

You know from previous forum threads that I am unwilling to discuss prices on the forum. I'm sure you understand why.

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the legend sola steve lmfao i allways injoy reading ur posts i recall a wile bk u got a contractor a job big sola farm and the guy didnt make mch cash for all his hard wrk as it took a lot longer than it was spose to take but he ended up geting the farm house windows and gutters wich made it wrth his wile :rolleyes::D:zipit:

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You know from previous forum threads that I am unwilling to discuss prices on the forum. I'm sure you understand why.


Is it more or less than a five sided coin currently in circulation per panel? I'll be able to get an idea then. Cheers Steve :thumbsup:

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Green Pro Clean Ltd

I can see the Solar Steve Company T-Shirt now!!




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Guest Solar Steve

Hi @Defaoix01.


The course has been designed to help raise the standard of knowledge and safety for those who are looking to incorporate solar panel cleaning into their current business or who are seeking to set up a new business.


There is a lot of health & safety information and also general business and marketing information about how to get large solar panel cleaning jobs of their own.


To date we have trained over 60 individuals from over 30 companies. Each of those companies has made their money back on their investment apart from two. That is purely down to their relatively remote areas, the slower uptake in solar installations in their areas and population density.


Some companies have earned between £5k - £12k from us since April 2015.


If you'd like more indepth information, please email me and I can send you the template email that we send to all interested parties.


I look forward to hearing from you.

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