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Got my first vineyard building to do on Christmas Eve!...

Neil nowdownunder

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HI all,


I'm pretty nervous about this one. Got to clean this huge place in and out on Christmas eve..

Sold Price for 160 Harrisons Road Red Hill Vic 3937


Hope I don't stuff it up. Last big property I done like this I still managed a few dirty water drip marks. Hope I'll be better this time.





First cleans are always difficult, especially if you are still a bit wfp inexperienced.

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why xmas eve, it could be **** weather, cant you do them a day or 2 before


What? Bad weather in Australia? The only bad weather they could have in summer is that its too hot and sunny.:)

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I have one to do xmas eve, also a little worried about dripping as a road I have really wanted to get into for a while, its the brown door on left, I not sure quite same standard of property though :p:thumbsup:





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Neil nowdownunder

Thanks all. A merry Christmas to you all. Aussies tend to take just one big holiday a year. Many have four or six weeks or more off from Christmas. A big social thing ( if you have family here) so everyone wants their homes looking A1 for family gatherings. I'm turning people away phone's been going mad past few weeks.

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Neil nowdownunder

Job went well today despite the 30degree heat I had to work in. Done the outside first starting at 8am so by the time the heat realy kicked up I was inside. Amazing spot with sweeping views of the bay behind their vineyard. Some people really don't know they are born (this is also their holiday home!!!) The WFP work went well. Took note of your advice, took my time and rinsed and rinsed! Photo's attached from todays clean.






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