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Some work is better than no work......

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Green Pro Clean Ltd

So today a customer calls me over whilst I am on her neighbors house (she is a bi-monthly and not due today) to pay me for the last clean.


I only keep this bi-monthly as she is on a cul de sac where I have four good regulars.


She says to me 'Oh dont bother again now as it's winter so there's no point, you can start again in the summer'


(roll of my eyes) 'No love, cant start again in the summer, you'll have to find someone else'


She now looks well confused 'Why?' she asks


'As I have bills to pay in the winter as well as in the summer so I only accept regular reliable customers luv, I don't have patience for those that want to mess about'


'Oh, well some business is better than no business' she says.


'I have plenty of business hence I do not need customers that are a waste of time as part of my business such as you for example'


She closed the door....I marked her as cancelled on Cleaner Planner :))

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Booking in work for tomorrow and a customer that's taken to skipping cleans since I increased to £18 (still too cheap) says "I think I will skip this one and leave it to January". "That's ok" I reply "as it happens I have got so busy I am looking for customers that are happy to change from six weekly to tweleve weekly, can I put you down for twelve weekly"? She says "ok"....not sure how happy she is going to be when I call in January and tell her the new rate for a twelve weekly clean, thinking around £25.

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exactly how I would have dealt with it pro. and whats all this nonsense about 12 weekly. Id forget how to find my customers houses if it was that much time between cleans.. lol

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