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Gutter Vac Poles


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Right, I'm sick of my alloy poles. They are too heavy and they flop around and don't seem that secure when there are 3 or 4 poles all connected. Anyone else find this happens when using alloy poles? So, I'm thinking of getting some carbon poles. For those of you that use carbon, do they flop around like alloy and is it worth paying £££'s for them. I've just spent 3 1/2 hours clearing and I'm knackered. I probably do no more than one vac job a month and can't decided if spending the dosh is justified.



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Yes @Tuffers mine are the same. The top one always feel it's gonna fall off & comes loose. And yes there heavy but as I only do about 5/6 a month & only between October & February I gonna persevere


Yeah, even when the clamp is fully tightened the poles rock all over the shop. I nearly chucked the whole lot in the hedge today, blockages galore from oak leaves :mad:

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I've used 38mm Carbon which were ok ish and 50mm alloy, but can't seperate the damn things when clamped, had to snap one to get it back in the van lol... Anybody else have that problem?


Going to invest £500 on 40ft of 50mm Carbon poles in the New year as use them often.

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I'm pissed but poles umm I use streamvac gutter vaccum with quail ty poles but I find they stick some time and nightmare to separate but also mine are 2 years old and there showing wear slight spinning I was playing around with light areo gutter poles and tell you what when my gutter pole give up i will be buying them even full extension 35ft they felt spot on the guy is called Lee at blade right window cleaning in Taunton he redoing his site atm maybe on there or he is on Facebook, they are completely different to standard allie poles trust me

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