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how am i doing???


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5 weeks ago, had no customers what so ever , now have 30 monthlies.. not too bad considering it was wettest april on record haha


cant say iv been out every day because i havent, i havnt really done much door knocking because im building up to it. just put leaflets out ( not that many , less than a thousand ). i havent gone mental with leafleting because i thought id try the water first , and frankly i wanted to take my time and get to know how to arrange customers and do a proper job of the windows etc...

im stepping up the canvassing majorly this month and next and hope it work s out,, pretty happy to this point tho as i havent put 8 til 5pm, 6 days a week, somethin i intend to do this following week.


also a big thank you to everyone that has replied to my posts , questions etc

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Well done pal.. At this rate you could have 100 customers by August! Hopefully more! Keep it up, just build up the courage and go knocking, alot of people come out now with the good weather.. Get it before someone else does

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Guest Ryan

thats good going mate


u been doing flyers or knocking ?


i knocked with good results but as i have a lack of time now i going to do bit more flyers this year and see how i get on

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cheers guys, fair play i dont understand how people with established rounds find the time to leaflet drop and canvass, its tiring stuff if your at it a lot and time consuming. im enjoying the work and the whole thing really. not easy, but i like it.


Welsh ... iv dropped leaflets but i got a good few from word of mouth and then a few have come up to me while im cleaning in the street. .. i gotta stop being such a virgin and get nocking tho, dont think im gonna get anywhere without a lot more effort.



i'm aiming to try and at least match that figure for may as too.

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Are you Traditional?

For me I ask on my leaflets if you want my services place this on your window on such a such date, everyone will see this and either chuck it or place on the window which is a great feeling seeing it on the window.


It is also a good feeling when people recomend you or get custie when you work and they see you are working.


Am not keen on knocking, not everyones in, or want to be disturbed I know I wouldnt want to be.

Althought while I am droping leaflets and see someone in the drive then yeah I will speak to them.


Good luck with getting more customers, it will take time.

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knocking is definitely the best way to get new customers, but its finding the time. If I find myself with a bit of spare time, when its raining, I just drop my business vards through letter boxes. Its got me lots of new customers, which has surprised me.

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Well done, keep on going you'll have a good round in no time. I found that leaflets don't do much, there's absolutely no subs***ute for knocking on doors, it's by far the best way to get work. Cheers, Dave

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that's really good going fellas.


we've been canvassing recently, but found leaflet dropping better as get good response and cover more ground. perhaps depends on area.


good work tho, that growth in double dip recession is great.

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You could still go knocking Gav.b. when I knock I don't hand them a flyer until I'm about to walk away, some ask after the chat ,have you got a number, but just tell them you have ran out and are waiting for new ones coming from print..

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Guest Ryan

personally i wouldnt knock without flyers


simple becouse thay will think your just a guy doing it as a part time thing


people love a flyer to look at and also it breaks the ice a bit gives them somthing to look at when your yapping on lol

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