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Water Saving


Is water saving important for you while you work?  

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  1. 1. Is water saving important for you while you work?

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Greetings to you all! I'm new to the forum, and after reading a few threads here I am very interested to learn more about other people's ways to save water while working in the window cleaning business. I believe it is very important, and I'd love to hear your thought on the matter. Hope to hear from all of you!!! :)


uri bracha

cleaning windows while abseiling


ניקוי חלונות בגובה


Come On Guys & Gals!!! I see some of you were reading my post. How about some thought on the matter? :P

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I live in the North west of England and even though it rains a lot water saving is still a high priority and the less the water you use daily the less you have to transport less resin to make pure water and in the long run it will save you money and give you a sense of well being :P

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Guest cleaners

When washing dishes by hand, don't let the water run while rinsing. Fill one sink with wash water and the other with rinse water.

Some refrigerators, air conditioners and ice-makers are cooled with wasted flows of water. Consider upgrading with air-cooled appliances for significant water savings.

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Those are some good ideas, Cleaners, Thanks! but I was actually thinking more in the way of idea's about how to save water while window cleaning.

All the best!

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I have few water butts connected to my gutters on the roof and collect rain water which would otherwise go down the drain,I harvest this water and pump it through my DI vessel to make pure water,I probably save about 400L a week which I would take out of the tap.In Britain we sometimes take water for granted but with the rise in population water is becoming more valuable

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I too feel it is important to conserve water.


As I work out of a car I don't have the space for too much , so every bit counts.


I use an aqua-dapter to save waste while working, and keep the flow controller down - to give me 1.4L per minute from the brush.


I always shut off when moving between windows.


If I set my flow controller to give me less water, I find it takes me longer to get a proper rinse & I end up using the same amount, or sometimes even more.


If I have a conservatory roof, I may use 25L of tap water from the customer's outside tap, and just use pure to finish off - which saves 25L of waste water at home.


While talking about waste water, I use that to water the garden, and keep the pond topped up.

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Hi Uri,


Originally from Witney near Oxford, but moved 4 years ago to

Staines, London



Nice to know water saving in going on in europ. Here in israel, where i live, it's a big issue. how long have you been in the biz?

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Hi Paul, Nice to meet you!

I usualy just use a bucket with water and soap (much more water saving efficient),

but there are places where it is out of the question while abseiling, for example in cases of more then 2 meters in negative abseiling and the wall is inaccessible for a basket crane. In those cases I use the water fed pole.

Hope I answered your question :)

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Guest Aqua-dapter

Hi Uri,


Yes, that answers the question, thanks!


I wondered whether, and how much, you use purified water, I don't *think* we've sold an Aqua-dapter to Israel yet!


We think it's the ultimate device for saving water that you've spent money to purify.


Maybe you'll try one some day? :)



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My custys never forget that I have a green footprint even after 10 years, rainwater is great stuff.

I learnt how to be economical when I first started using the original backpack, you need to be ecomomical when you have to wear it/carrying it. Gradually I got my useage on regular glass ony cleaning, as low as 330ml / min 500ml max (or half a litre.) Start with your brush jets, decide how many you need and then the size, this governs your useage, you also dont need high pressure pumps ( I really like the small dinky Flojet 42psi ones) I also found that small bore hose restricts your ueseage so a long time ago used- First pvc 4/6mm Raindrip hose then went on to 4mm ID aquarium air pump silicon hose, its super flexible even when freezing. The Hozelock micro watering (remove the small black caps)jets fit nicely into both hoses.

Cheers !

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Guest Aqua-dapter

Hi Chris,


Sorry to hear you've been flooded!


Resin saving will be more important to you over there I think because you connect to the customers water supply and purify 'in line'. Saving water can be a big cost saving then.


Over here most, if not all, take their purified water supply with them, so the cost reduction is good but not as significant. However, as the water supply is limited, controlling the volume of water used can mean fitting in more jobs during a day, reducing refil journeys etc.


So, even though saving water might be considered environmentally friendly (and this can help when winning customers too), there are good business/profit reasons to do it too!



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