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Hot Water Systems


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I used hot water system with my last employer and now using cold water, hot water is a lot faster cleaning and less rinsing you can get the job done quite a bit faster, the only downside is how much they cost but great in the winter as well if I had the money I would have one

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Fog wash or l5, both less than 200 notes or thereabouts. Advantage of fog wash is its rigged to uk standards, l5 is set for states I think although I have heard the specs aren't a legal factor unless youre not using it for personal use only, though I'm sceptical of that but can't say otherwise with authority

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Well they reckon you can work in minus 10 ish with hot, but for me once you hit zero I think it's a mugs game!

Need to make sure that the waters no more than, can't remember if it's 10 or 20 degrees above the air temp. As I use barrels, I leave them in the kitchen o/night and not had pipes freeze since, but as I say I don't go below zilch or not much anyway

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Yeh you can work in -0 but you still get pipe freeze and the water sometimes freezes on the glass, also I would be warey of adding hot water to freezing glass as chip said F that working in those conditions

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This winter wasn't as bad as the year before, where I soaped window, then tried to squeegee ice off the glass..


Is there any good anti freeze you can add into the tank to prevent freezing pipes etc? I haven't got a garage and wouldn't like to have to replace anything due to freezing up

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Isopropanol, adds very little to tds, pricey way of doing things, but can get decent prices on eBay. Effectiveness debatable as it evaporates on air contact, hence jets may still freeze. Tbh if you can get water to room temp you should be ok all day, even with hose in snow mine didn't freeze up once, only trouble I had was on a conny which was not heated, froze onto the glass, as it does

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Yeah chip thnx mate. Iv just been looking about on sites as last year in winter i remember seeing a anti freeze for water fed pole tanks on one of the websites but cant seem to find it now

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winter time i put blankets over my tank & resin bottles, lag my pipes & ***ht time i put a blow air heater in the back of my van, bit expensive but cheaper than replacement gear

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The immersion heater is great,.. BUT it means you have to work with hot,.. you've no option to go back to cold if you're cleaning delicate old glass or that stupid rubbish where the lead is only glued onto the glass (heat melts the glue!). Personally I have a gas heater which is on 99% of the time, but its nice to have the option to switch it off when needed.

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I've had 4 gas heaters now,.. the current one is the best i've ever used - its the Hotwash from Peter Fogwill (www.window-tools.com). The others had to be modified to work properly at a low flow rate - the Hotwash ***rks perfect straight out of the box. I paid £185 inc delivery.


I think he's out of stock at the moment, but if you google the model number "HD6MAE" you might find it from another seller. :)

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