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Daniel Perkins

Removing sealer from Imprinted concrete

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Daniel Perkins

Posted this in the pressure washing thread which probably wasn't the appropriate place, so I thought I would give it a thread of its own maybe get some advice.


Basically what I said was, when I moved into my house imprinted concrete already done (Steadman Buff) and sealed but bad job. Concrete looks like it wasn't painted or cleaned properly before the sealer was applied. If looks cloudy and of paint on edges faded aswell.


Was talking to previous owner and he said it he got imprinted concrete down in winter and guys didn't come back so for months weather got at all. He tried to clean it about 5 months later after being open to the elements over the winter and then sealed it with Acrylic sealer himself. That was about 13 months ago.


So my question is can you remove acrylic sealer with a solution of some sort? I did contact a driveway specialist here in Dublin but he said pretty bluntly that it was a disaster job and he wouldn't be interested. One of the guys in the pressure washer thread recommended that I could give it good clean and reseal with colour in it. I'm not sure how I do that or where I can buy sealer with colour in it? I'm waiting on a reply Smartseal but I thought I might pick the brains of some of the knowledgeable folk on here in the meantime.


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