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Hi I have recently been told that the changes to data protection coming in to effect in May 2018 will effect every business. What changes are the rest of you planning to make sure you are compliant? 


Have any of you registered already? And if have was it complicated. 


I use app planner to organise my round what if anything should I be xpect from them in respect of gdpr? 


I have emailed them but as of yet not had a response. 

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9 views and no comments does that mean like me you not heard about it before today? 


Apparently can get hit with nasty fines if your business is found to be non compliant with the rules when come I to effect. 

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Posted (edited)

The bellow link would provide information on types of licence you may need



This one here is the self-assessment qustionnaire with regards of data protection:



And their guide:



Fee is £35 per year so does it worth asking?

I've registered due to too many services and intention to grow business.


p.s. Core business purpose(invoicing, records etc) does not require registration

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1 hour ago, Ricky Wilcock said:

Hey guys,


I've just been reading up on this and as window cleaners unless we are keeping digital copies of our clients records we do not need to pay or register for GDPR.


hope this helps,



I am not sure if that is correct. As far as I am aware it doesn't matter if it's digital or not if you are storing peoples details you still have to specify for what reason, how long it's stored for, how they can have their data changed and or destroyed. 

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