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Carpet cleaning add on

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Anyone made the jump to carpet clsnainf aswell and any advice on gear and the trade be very much appreciated thanks

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If you can get some commercial jobs such as schools, offices etc.. you will make money back quicker. There is a lot of people out there who are doing rooms from about £15 which makes it difficult to get the initial
Investment back quickly. You will also need kit better than a rug doctor as the customer will wonder why they just don’t do it themselves. I have a karcher Puzzi. Great cleaner and twin motors help get great results. Downside is they are around £600-700. The powder cleaner is £50 for a 10kg tub which is also made by karcher (warranty!!!) one of the best stain removers is vanish soap bar. Main point is that it is a good add on but need to get a good few commercial cleans to really do well. Alternatively if u get a couple of jobs hire the kit for about £30 for the day. The actual cleaning is the easy part lol

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Go and see some estate agents. Landlords will often use a professional carpet cleaning service before the start of a new tenancy as then the tenant is more inclined to take care of the property.
Also at the end of a tenancy if the property isn’t up to scratch they’ll have the carpets professionally cleaned and deduct it from the deposit.
Added bonus is the property is usually completely empty in both cases so it’s easy work

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