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Working in the rain.

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6 hours ago, Iron Giant said:

I work by the same rule you have basically said what I would say. A decent waterproof jacket is a must I got myself one of these Sprayway Jacket in the half-price sale a while back I usually prefer my workwear to have my logo but for rainy days I ain't that bothered, I've not really had a good opportunity to test other than walking my dog in the pouring rain for an hour yesterday but it's also a fairly windproof as well better than my Skogstad jacket which was more expensive 

I thought that Alaskans were a whole load tougher 😀

I guess I didn't phrase that correctly. What I was trying to say is that I have learned to tell customers that I don't cancel because of rain.

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On a forum that has lots of my countrymen (Mericans) south of me, in the Lower 48 as we refer to that area of the country, I had to ask why they were always cancelling on rainy days. 


"Lightning" was the response. There's no lightning where I live. That just hadn't occurred to me. I had just assumed that they were made of sugar and were afraid of melting in the rain.

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