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Insuring Employees on Van

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Hi everyone,

I was just wondering how people deal with their van insurance and employees and what is the best / cheapest way to do it?


Take out a policy in their name and put me as a named driver?

Just put them as a named driver on my policy?

Take out business insurance where anyone can drive the van?


Ideally I don't want my no claims and insurance record to be ruined if they have an accident.



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If you are the employer you are responsible for the insurance of your employees and the company equipment. Ask your insurance company.

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I have a milticar policy with my employee as the main driver, and me as an adittional on his van.


As far as I am aware if you have only one policy in your name, and add your emplpyee on as a named driver, but actually he is the main driver its called fronting the policy. Which is not allowed.


If its a milticar policy though the rules are different. 


I have business insurance on both my vehicles, I think it was with gladiator insurance. Its not too expensive.

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