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Need sunglasses recommendations

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I recently brought a pair of shades in boots which said they were 100% UV and polarised but the last couple of weeks my eyes have been burning and constantly streaming whilst working  so looking for recommendations for a decent pair. 

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I use fox fishing glasses as they are designed for fishing with lots of water involved. 

Cost less than £20 a pair and are spot on. 

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sounds like you ve got hay fever mate!.....ive used boots polarised sunglasses before now and they ve been fine.....im currently wearing some BLOC sunglasses for work...cost me £50 from debenhams..had them nearly 2 years now......ive also got some oakley sunglasses that cost me around £180,had them 5 years now but i only wear them for best(holidays,driving and free time)they are ace though!best sunglasses ive ever bought!

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scottish cleaning service
5 minutes ago, Jjamie said:

2.99 ebay 


Always wondered what happened to Deirdre Barlow's glasses. 😆 

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1 minute ago, scottish cleaning service said:

Always wondered what happened to Deirdre Barlow's glasses. 😆 

Forgot all about them badboys 🤣 

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Part Timer
Posted (edited)
3 minutes ago, Den said:

I have a old pair of Raybans at least ten years old ugly as sin but lenses are still brilliant 👍

You'd still be ugly as sin no matter what you wear 😘

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Don't know why I didn't think of this myself. My eyes water and I squint from looking up when polling the upstairs windows. I've always squinted and had watering eyes. Need to put some new Oakley's on the business account.

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If you're not wearing Ray Bans and Gucci overalls for work then you're not working hard enough 😎 🤣

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