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Wfp or PW? As a first off


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Hi all,

Been reading for the last few weeks I’m starting to get the jist of what means what in regards to different routes I would need to go down for setting up which ever I try first. 

my question is I’ve got a van I’ve got the skyvac atom and the skyscraper package, I eventually want to do PW and WFP work but I don’t want to split my budget (3k ish) in half and end up with an underperforming set up in either case, so which would you suggest from personal experience and knowledge to try first? 

With the WFP I thought it would be a good idea to add to the gutter vacuum the fascia cleaning side of things but then with the Jetwashing I think it might be slightly easier to find more well paid jobs but without the reliability of going back every 4/6 weeks. 

Many thanks 

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Welcome to the forum.

Concentrate on regular WFP work - it's your bread and butter. You'll be repeating work every (at least) 4 weeks, giving you a nice steady income. Then add PW from there, as it's irregular work.


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There is little or no PW at the present moment so it will be April / May before you get any real income.

Only you know what your area is like for window cleaning competition but with the necessary work you should start picking up work straight away.

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I would focus on the regular window cleaning as this is repeat work , gutter vaccing and pressure washing is generally one off work build window cleaning then sell then the other services .

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What you will probably find, at least what i found is.

You start off doing window cleaning because its the regular income. Then as you start to earn money you get into a bit of everything  gutters, pressure washing, connys, fsg cleans, roofs even maybe carpets etc and invest many thousands into doing so. 

Then you end up being really busy running here there and everywhere and realise that the add ons are getting in the way of your regular windows and that not only are they harder work they are often less profitable. 

Nothing beats a well oiled, refined window cleaning round. Its a great business because its repeat and you dont need 6 pieces of equipment to do it. 

Thing is with any one of service such as pressure washing it needs constant marketting. 

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Stick with window cleaning mate out of all of the services I offer window cleaning is my priority. Regular income, pretty much recession proof and its easy work.

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Like others have said go WFP first.

There is a reason we call Gutter vacuuming, gfs cleaning and for those that do it roof cleaning and pressure washing 'add ons'

Trebles for show doubles for dough.

Trebles are our add ons and WFP is our doubles ?

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Wfp no brainer for me. But then I don’t even like pressure washing and don’t offer it. And with a pole it’s not just regular window cleaning, gutters fascias, conservatories, solar panels etc etc. 

And once you get 100+ customers, and a regular income, you can get a pw as well and tell all your customers, you should Get extra jobs as well. I get asked several times every spring & summer do I do pressure washing. 

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Add ons are good money and u can make more money, but your waiting for the phone to ring, with a monthly window clean, its work thats there to be done every month, just turn up do your job and thats it ?

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Thanks for all your replies, I think you’ve talked me out of the PW for now. Is there any kits you’d recommend for starting out ? Just waiting for my water tester to be delivered so I can determine what water system I would need. I’m thinking I’d like to offer Fsg with the skyvac gutter service, think that would get me in the garden then hopefully I can sell them other services such as the roof scrape, just to build my money up until I can get the rounds. Are the starter kits on most sites just a easy option where they’ll sell me the stuff they can’t get rid of and I regret it 6 months later? I’d rather buy once and buy right than buy cheap and buy twice 

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A lot of kits are poor quality or not suitable.

Do you have a budget and do you have a van or will you start with a car?

Just re read first post £3k and you have a van.

First you need to wait for tds meter and pressure measurements.

Look at Gardiners for poles and brushes. Then just search window cleaning tanks and frames as you need to bolt a tank in a van as it is very heavy when full of 350lts or more of water. See what you find then ask.

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Yeah I was thinking that, just put it in a nice box rather than a ugly looking tank and chuck a fair few hundred quid on the price. Thank you for everyone’s input I’ll be back over the weekend when the delivery lands 

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