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The go to roof cleaning chemical


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3 minutes ago, scottish cleaning service said:

Hypo doesn't remove the lichen, I've tried it. Nothing beats PW I have noticed.

Don't like using hypo because too many things can go wrong. Washing, cars, pets and even humans coming in to contact from the spray. I guess all to their own and what one is happy with.

Hypo will kill licken and it will flake off the roof over time I did mine and it took a few months for  it to come off by its self , bit like using bio 😂😂

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scottish cleaning service
9 hours ago, Pjj said:

Hypo will kill licken and it will flake off the roof over time I did mine and it took a few months for  it to come off by its self , bit like using bio 😂😂

I think that's the problem, taking a few months, customer likes instant results.

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On 08/04/2021 at 21:30, Danny91 said:

The more and more I see hypo jobs it makes me want to go down this route! These few roof cleans I’ve got booked in I’m going to see how it goes with this chemical but I think I might have to hypo my own roof as a test but problem is I’ve only got one house with one roof haha I’d want a lot more experience before I start doing other houses. Does anyone else get really nervous before using a new product? I used the razor wash the other day on a sfg job I had and the results was great but I chickened out using it around a quarter of the job because they had a composite door below and after someone posted the door incident with using ubik I was worried haha 

You're right, it's better to be safe than sorry and all chemicals should be used with care and research them first so you've got a thorough understanding of what a ;product is, what's in it and what it can do - good and bad.

Hypo in particular needs to be treated with respect and you need to assess where the run-off will go and over what materials. It's always advisable to thoroughly pre-wet and nearby areas that might catch some spray or run-off and start by using a weaker mix that's well diluted. Lightning Cleanze is a SH based product at a very low concentration you could try - but it's not cheap either. The Benz website is also a useful learning tool and full of information you'll find helpful and worth knowing.

It is better to be careful of new chemicals but they are there to make the job easier and should be taken advantage of. It's fear of the unknown and you just need to get your head around what does what and always go slow and take care.


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