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Wet Vac gutter cleaning

Alpha Industrial Abseiling

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Morning folks, 

I am looking for a bit of help on speeding up a gutter clean on a 5 story tenement for a client, the building runs on a slope with one side being close to 6 stories. We are a rope access company and have been asked to carry out this clean by accessing the skylight and setting up our anchorage. Is there a way to use a wet vac with a 25m hose attachment? 

The wet vac would be placed at the top landing and the hose fed up through the loft space then out the skylight. 

My only concern is loss of suction. 

Any assistance on this would be much appreciated. 


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2 minutes ago, Master Jedi Alejandro said:

Julia Martin works for GVS. I’ll tag her as she may be able to advise. 
@GVS Julia Martin

If using a single motor gutter vacuum such as the Panther for portability, the longest hose really that you can use on the 1700w before losing suction is 10m. 

A triple motor machine such as the Predator or the GVS 3600 is a different story, we have many customers who use 20-30m length hose on these machines keeping the machine on the ground running the hose up.  The longest hose one of our customers has used before noticing a loss of suction with the Predator (we haven't tried this) is 40m. 

The wire reinforced hose and universal hose are both sold in 5, 10 and 15m lengths. The hi-vis crushproof hose in 5, 10, 15 and 20m lengths. Although the machines come with hose as standard and the types/lengths can be chosen at the point of purchase either online or via email, additional hose with hose ends and the use of a joiner can be used for the additional reach required. 

Hope this is of help ?

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Thank you Julia, 

This has helped us out on this issue. 


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13 minutes ago, Alpha Industrial Abseiling said:

Thank you Julia, 

This has helped us out on this issue. 


No problem at all, the poles with the triple machines can run externally from 20-40ft from the ground with the aluminium up to 65ft but via the method you have to use, the larger machines will reach with the additional hose lengths through the skylight access.

If you're able to send photos of the job to me at Julia@guttervacuumsystems.co.uk I would be able to advise better. The vacs work from pulling debris up from the gutter and then down into the machine, you need that initial lift to then move and allow gravity and the power of the vac to pull. 


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I would think that as you can vac upto 15 metres from the floor and then have a 10 metre hose you're still 25 metres from the vac. 

You are also beside the gutter so if there's any big lumps, doubtful at that height, then you could  manually loosen and break them up for the vac to suck it up easier.

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16 hours ago, Global Clean said:

I have recently observe moisture on the walls of our launch, and the panic thing was the growth of molds al the corner. I am pretty sure about some leakage from one of the gutter pipes running down. How to fix it?

We have found that the majority of downpipe blockages occur as the S bends at the top. In the majority of those cases (but not all) the problem started when the tradesman fitting the gutter uses long screws to hold the gutter pieces together.

In 17 years we have only seen 1 downpipe blocked down the length.

In most cases you will have to call on the specialized services of a roofer to sort the problem out. Most windies used to clear gutters, but in some cases the whole downpipe needs to be removed from the wall to uncouple the S bend at the top. That is out of our remit as a window cleaner. Often brackets are broken and screws have rusted heads and not easily removed.

We have also seen some downpipes terminated without a shoe at the drain. The downpipe sits on a grill to prevent stuff from blocking the U bend below ground. This has also caused a build of debris at the bottom of the pipe causing water to overflow the gutters on the roof.

Then it could just be a gutter join. Maybe a clip has come loose/broken or the rubber seal has deteriorated/or become dislodged.

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I'm desperate to use my new gutter vac with thin nozzle on a gutter that I can only get my fingers in. I was doing a PVC clean where the windy has broke the gutter bracket, tile and marking the PVC gutter with his ladder. She asked me if I would clean them with the wfp. I said I would charge £15 a month and she replied I think I'll stick with him because he only charges £6 a month. I nearly fainted because he must be charging 35p a window and door. ?

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