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This canvassing lark!!


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This canvassing lark can be so up and down!. I have been building up my round since august, on a weekend basis to begin with, but then left full time employment 3 weeks ago having accepted voluntary redundancy. I have managed to get about 55 customers so far. I quite enjoy canvassing, but it is a real emotional roller coaster. On Monday I went canvassing in matlock after I had finished a couple of cleans. Within 5 minutes of knocking on doors I encountered two separate window cleaners on their rounds. It seemed that all I could hear was the sound of ladders going up and down. It put me off, I know it shouldnt have done, so I moved to a nearby village. When I got to the first small estate, everyone told me that their window had just been!. I was well miffed. And literally 10 minutes later, I encountered another windy collecting his money. Anyway, all is well that ends well. When I got back home I had an e mail waiting for me...someone had read my leaflet and wanted a quote. I went round today and she was happy with the quote...27 quid. I was well chuffed at that. I then went two doors on and got another job...internals as well...and garden! Anyway, 5 new customers last week and 5 new ones this week. Sorry for the ramble...i suupose the more customers you get, the more recommendations you will get. Also, when you are starting up its a matter of picking at the bones and waiting for things to come together at a later stage. Thanks for reading and onwards and upwards!!

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Nice to see you sticking at it pal.

Keep it up.

Know pal, that at some time in the future you'll have done enough of picking up jobs and have enough you'll be happy with.

Onwards and upwards indeed.

I got good news this week regarding a new job, I hate the waiting lark when you've left a quote someone is happy with.

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Guest colinvansmith

keep at it mate try and be singled minded about canvassing let nothing phase you. when you see other window cleaners remember they don't have every house in every street, no one does

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Guest Door2DoorPro

Im in the same position been going for around a month now and trying to build it up and canvass in this weather is no simple task. Motivation is the key as long as i get more than 10 a week im happy thats my goal.


What times do you canvass?


What do you say?


My bad habit was having no luck with the first 10 houses and then jumping in the van and moving, now i stick with it and finish every road i start.


One day last week i actually picked up 6 £15 houses right at the end of the road!!

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Yeah I can remember spending plenty of time doing that when I start, and I still hate doing it, but its part and parcel of the job if you want to build up a round. Canvassing is definitely the way to go though, you cant spend twice the amount of time putting out leaflets and not see half the results as you will see when you are canvassing.


Best thing to do though is canvas more in the evens and weekends to catch more people in a improve your return. Then if you still don't get them in, just post a flyer then.

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I tend to canvass when I have run out of work for the day, although its getting particularly difficult at this time of the year because of the short days. Weekends are definitely more effective. Like you, door to door, i have had the same habit of moving on to another street or area if the first 10 or 20 people say they already have a window cleaner. I know this is folly though and now just keep going. There will be a gap somewhere and when you are just starting out, its the gaps that you have to find and take. I cannot imagine there are any areas that are untouched?

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