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Brush Size?


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What's the best size brush to start up with as a all rounder?


I use a Gardiners medium dual trim for first cleans.


Maintanence cleans it's an Gardiners extreme medium dual.


Works well.



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Don't think theres a 'best' mate to be honest, I love the Tecbuk hybrid for an all rounder and swear by the Tecbuk boars hair for filthy first cleans but then agin I have a Gardiner extreme that I use over connies etc when the reach is bad because it's so light and it still does the job. I've also use diy brushes, best one of those is a Benson from tesco that I shortened the bristles on and thats mint for doing cladding and fascias cos it's got great scrubbing power.

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What's the best size brush to start up with as a all rounder?



The most common or standard size is a 12 inch brush; you will only feel you need a bigger brush when you are cleaning very large panes of glass.


The best way to measure the size of a wfp brush is by its cleaning area, the brush bristles – don’t measure the brush stock.


For example the Tecbuk Aerial brush stock is just over one & half inches by eight & three quarter inches (aprox 40mm x 220mm) The cleaning area is much bigger 60 square inches, just over 12 inches x 5 inches in length & width (310mm x 130mm). This brush stock has been design to clean small Georgian window panes and large window/ glass doors.


The other consideration is bristle count or the overall number of bristles & the quality; you also get cheap brush bristles and expensive bristle.


Brush bristle are brought by the kilogram, I may get between 7 or 8 Tecbuk brushes from 1 kilogram of bristles, cheaper brushes you can get almost double this amount of brushes from 1 kilogram of bristle


Buy a few & see what works for you, avoid brushes with over large brush stocks & stocks that flex when in use.



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Good point, just explain to the Mrs a good wfp brush can earn you £15k in 3 months, that’s why you need replace them every so often.




(there to valuable to sweep the floor, tell her to go to the supermarket and by a cheap broom)

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When you feel like it is taking longer than necessary to clean, if looked after, the exception could be the Boars Hair brushes. My brushes (Tecbuk) can last years, but they will lose there edge long before they completely wear out.


In money terms you could change the brush after you have earned £12k-£15k with it. A replacement brush is typically 1 hours pay, so if you do start to lose a few minutes with each job, start to think about replacing it, soon, as a few minutes can add up to 2-3 hours per week.


A good majority of my customers use 3-4 maintenance clean brushes per year. With your regular customers you should be flying through the work, you can’t do this with a dirty or worn brush.



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