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Will A 25Ft Pole Be Enough?

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Just wanted some opinions. I currently use a hand me down Slx 25, but its a 25 in name only. Sections have cracked and have been cut down a bit, section 4 is basically a stump to enable me to have a section 5!!


Yesterday I ordered a Slx 2 25ft and the decision not to go for a bigger pole has been on my mind ever since. I love working with the 25 for reach and weight. Compared to the old fibre glass pole I used for a few years, the Slx is a dream. Most of my work it is totally fine for. I have a Ionics Grafter 32 for the higher jobs but I hate this pole with a passion.


Would anyone have went for an extra section or two?


I know you can add on sections. How do you do that when I use the shut off taps? Do you have to feed the hose up the pole or will the extra sections fit over the tap? Is there a better way to turn my water on and off? I know about the aqua adapter but I like having the shut off tap on my belt. It didn't look like I could have that with the aqua adapter.


Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks guys

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Hi bud,


What i basically have is a 18ft extreme. The pole hose goes up the pole to the brush head.


When i want to swap over i disconnect the quick connect clamp at the top, disconnect the pole hose from the brush, as i have john guest fitting. The pole hose then just falls out of the pole.


I then take off the end cap and slide on two extensions making it a 30ft extreme. Then i push the pole hose back up.


You be able to do the same, as long as the tap is on the belt and NOT secured to the pole.


The whole process takes around 40 seconds.


I am wireless so i have a remote on a lanyard round my neck :)

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Thanks for that reply mate. If its a quick as that then I think I should get back on to gardiner for some extra sections. Maybe some mug will buy my 32 ft grafter on eBay to offset the extra cost!


Can you tell me more about the wireless? How instant does it cut the water off?

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Your best to speak to a chap called RC PROPERTY on here. He sells on here and I got mine from him.


I use mine via a backpack. It's better if mounted in a van though.

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Obviously I don't know your jobs but a slx 25 would do 95% of my work and as damo said buy some extension for that extra height when needed , as for a remote it does cut of water but nothing will beat a aqua-adapter or a tap

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