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Hot Water Heater Lpg


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Check insurance company first, might cost you more premium being gas installation, you have to have a vent put in your van to comply with the law as well. It's a pain the gas system, that's why we have the diesel heater.

Many will say it doesn't cost any more on insurance, you must tell them, including public liability insurance company and its worth speaking to someone in the insurance company that has been there a while.


For an example, British gas car on the phone said the insurance homecare400 includes saniflo toilets. You sign up to it get paperwork through and find its not covered in the small print.

It's the same with the cheap gas heaters. There is a reason why the diesel heaters are more costly and it's to do with insurance.

I have spoken to insurance company who have said it's fine it's okay. Speak to there manager it's a different story.

I wonder how many people have been mis sold there insurance.

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I got a brand new one off eBay for £1000. I saw one on there in Yeovil going for £800 the other day.

A diy one would be easy to achieve for the practically minded. It's basically a webasto heater with a heat exchanger.

If you want a new one your looking at 2k..varitech systems fitted mine along with the rest of my system and they did the linex too.http://www.line-x.co.uk


When we started with the hotwash we were the only hot system, 1 year on we have 4 competitors now using hot water systems. It won't be long and it will be the norm for window cleaners. Personally I would start with a hot water system and you will pick up more customers than with offering the same service as the old cleaners.

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I don't suppose you saved the one for sale in Yeovil in your watched items did you Hotwash?


I can't find any for sale on EBay at all but sometimes searching EBay on my phone doesn't return a full search!!

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How easy are they to install? Is it a DIY job?


Does the 17 minute cut off cause any problems?


very easy when you know what you are doing, you do need to upgrade pipe work from heater to hose reel.


my insurance didn't go up at all when telling them when I fitted this. plus vent is no problem as you work with the doors open and that's fine .


vents are only law when used in a sealed unit, so if your doors and windows are shut then you will need a vent.

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I use the Cointra lpg heater , made in Spain and is a much higher quality than the cheap Chinese ones and the L5 Ecotemp, its on ebay at


I have a flue going through my roof, the first one I had is 3 years old and after a wee service is now in perfect working order



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Hi Donny


I assume that the water heater is connected after the pump and only kicks in when there is water flow?


Would this handle a 2 man system or would each pump / outlet require it's own heater?


Is it simply wired directly to your leisure battery?


Have you got a picture of the flue from the outside of your van and what van is it fitted in?



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Its in my 2007 lwb Nissan primastar, its plumbed in after the pump and does start up when water starts flowing, I have a splitter after the pump going too 2 reels and has no issues feeding them both, I only use 1 pump ( shuriflo 100psi ) usually only use 1 reel though, very occasionally we are out together and use the 2 reels.it did not come with a regulator , no issue as I already had one fitted, any good plumbers merchants will have one though :~)

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