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Stiff Pole..........


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When an older telescopic pole becomes hard to use it is generally due to the presence of impacted dirt between the sections. The best remedy is to clean and flush all of this dirt out.


The following methods can be used in order of simplicity:



Hose pipe

1. Partially extend each section and lay the pole on the ground.

2. Direct a hose pipe up the base of the pole and allow it to fill with water until it pours out of the top.

3. After a few minutes lift the base of the pole up in the air and allow all of the water to flush out the pole.

4. Direct the hose spray around each clamp and between the sections


Taking Apart

1. Undo clamp levers and slide all section apart.

2. Either soak all section in a batch of warm soapy water or hose through each section.

3. Thoroughly clean all overlap areas

4. Dry the sections off and if needed replace joint-stop tape if present on the pole type.

5. Spray each section with Dry-Film PTFE spray and re-assemble.

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All of the above, but before you ptfe it. After washing each section and drying them, get some 1200-2000 grit wet and dry, use it wet and lightly take off all the high spots and raised fibres, clean again then a good few coats of clear coat. Reassemble and welcome to your brand new pole lol

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How many coats did you do duncs? Just blitzed mine today, got some more u pol on friday for £4.49 and some 1500 wet and dry for a quid

Then did 3 coats, with a portion of wet and dry in between. when putting it back together tonight i had to back the clamps right off because the poles just wouldnt go back on the old settings.

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i only used one coat of there finest laquer gave it rub down with some steel wool

the clamps what was spinning gave it more coats until there was ok

sounds like you have used to much laquer keir

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sounds like you have used to much laquer keir


Nope,,,,,,,,,exactly what i wanted bud, i think without realising it last year i seriously abused the pole wear-wise, i cleaned it and used gt85 every week but bit by bit the diameter of each section was reducing. Its like brand new now after this last blitz,

I gave it a couple of coats about a month ago which drastically put some life back into it along with 3 new clamps, but those new clamps were closing up fast indicating a reduction in dia.

I am a serious geek when it comes to maintenance whether it be work gear or mountain bike or motorbike lol, my grave stone will be '' here lies keir OTT fuller '' lol

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