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peter rogers

website built

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peter rogers

got website done by our man @Njones great job so far


going get some input from u guys on here

and yes alot of stock photos due to ive been a one man band so new pics going up nxt week

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Sorry about the loading issues earlier - Wordpress 4.5 was released today & I was updating the site & the plugins.

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Nick pegler DWC

What sort of cost is involved with websites.?

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Guido Possum

Almost none.


Domain registration: ~$12 per year

Hosting: shared servers are all anyone uses around here; for $4-$6/month you generally get unlimited subdomains, unlimited email accounts and to host someone else's site you simply create a folder in your /public_html then point their domain at that - cost them nothing to do this since they're already paying rent on that server.


So for hosting, about $5/£2 per month.


Everything else is just profit.


Building the site takes a few minutes with WordPress, though they do have to create a few pages and copy/paste some text in those pages, but these days any moron that can use a word processor and possesses a sprinkle of net literacy can create a WordPress site with a one-click install, then (still using WordPress), mosey-on over to the theme-browser and one-click one you like them add a few free plugins to instantly add things like slide-shows, ajax sliding menus and other perty thangs.


WordPress is free. There're oodles of themes that're free, so all you need to pay for are the domain/year and server/month.


The only thing you cannot one-click-install and it applies as equally to amateur web-designers as to yourself is standout, attractive visual design; whoever creates the site either has that "eye" for visual awesomeness, or they don't and in the case of the later no amount of css editing will make an average-looking site brilliant.

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Guido Possum

One very important thing too:

Unless you are given the admin login details for the Linux server itself (as you when you pay for your own hosted server/virtual server), if all you're given is the WordPress admin login I mean; then they own your site and may delete it at anytime and there's nothing at all you can do about it because you have no control over their server - and WordPress is simply software that can be uninstalled any time.


My point is, you're much better off overall if you spend a bit of time learning the basics yourself, and having complete control of your own site, than to go with the cheap-hosted route and wind up completely at the mercy of whoever server your wordpress install is on.


Imagine your site starts generating traffic; the payments.php page gets a sudden influx of customers and your host - who simply has to view your wordpress activity in the multi-install dashboard - decides you're now going to pay £60/month or your site will be uninstalled?


Just saying; there's nothing stopping that happening if you let someone else 'create/host' and 'manage' a wordpress site for you on their server.

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