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  1. H

    Can you guys help me price this ?

    First big clean unsure what to price it can you guys help me? What would you price it? 
  2. C

    Soft wash machine

    I have swapped my private car for a van along with a whole load of window cleaning equipment, included in it is a brand new soft wash machine of which I know nothing about so will have to sell. Does anyone have knowledge of them?? 
  3. Simply Business

    We're giving away £10,000!

    Hi everyone, I hope it's okay for us to post this here (and apologies if we've got the wrong section).I wanted to let the members of Window Cleaning Forums know about a campaign we're currently running, where we're encouraging people to #TakeTheLeap and start/grow their business in 2020. And to...
  4. J

    Traditional versus WFP

    Hi all I'm 52 and have been laid off work. I'm considering going back on the windows after 35 years out of the game. Other than cost of setting up what are pro and cons of WFP compared to traditional cleaning for a born again cleaner
  5. T

    Water genie backpack

    Hello..  Help needed with a water Genie backpack I’ve just purchased..  Can anyone point me in the direction of a video or a set of instructions for the assemble of the water Genie backpack please? Im new to WFP system and only need it for one particular job but I’m having bother linking the...
  6. Lewis Cleaning Co.

    Feedback on a thorough blog post.

    Hi all, Something that might interest some of you. I've just written a 2000 word article on cleaning your own interior windows. I wanted to get your feedback on the article to see if i've missed anything important. Trying to write an article that's comprehensive and covers the whole topic. Take...
  7. T

    TDS Advice. DI Filter not producing pure

    Hello my water is entering my tank in my van at a tds of 28. I then use a di filter on board to produce pure on demand however the tds is ready 3-4? And advice on this? Thanks.
  8. T

    Rain Water Harvesting Advice Please Help!

    Hello everyone, I have recently decided to add window cleaning to my already existing cleaning buisness! I live in a hard water area and as I'm just starting out I haven't invested in a RO system! Instead I'm collecting rainwater to filter through a di tank fitted in my van. My problem is I...
  9. H

    Pump not drawing water

    Could really do with some help please - I have a Shurflo 8000-946-138 connected to a tank in my van and a Varistream controller. Installed it last week and today it suddenly stopped working. Thought it may have been an air lock but checked all my connections and the water is flowing up to the...
  10. C

    Car (Toyota) advice for poles and traditional

    Sorry if I have posted this in the wrong place. So I have worked with a friend for over a year now doing the traditional way. Now I'm feeling ready to go my own way. At the moment, I have a lease with Toyota, I own the aygo. This car is not appropriate for window cleaning (poles or...
  11. PDixon cvs

    thank you

    Thought it was about time i gave everyone a massive thank you since joining ive found nothing but suport from you guys and girls on this site ive doubted myself and what i was doing and where i was going but with so much help advice and infomaion i have pushed passed all of this tighted up...
  12. Slippy1

    General enquiries

    hello guys, Just wondering if anyone could spare some time on answering the questions for me, would be much appreciated. What do you need to start up in terms of equipment? How much will the start up fees be? Do you need a Waterfed pole? Are there any alternatives to this? What method...
  13. BobbyMason

    Customer needs VAT registration, advice wanted

    HI there, I have had a potential commercial customer approach me to carry out monthly work on his business premises but he said my business would have to be VAT registered. I am however under the threshold and don't wish to voluntarily register any time soon. Has anyone else been asked this...
  14. L

    Fresh cleans. Can't stop spotting please help

    Hi all I've just bought a reach and wash business and I've been doing it for around 2 months now. I'm 21 and just starting out so I'm apreciative of all advice. Basically I have had no problems with my existing customers as they have been cleaned by reach and wash for 6 years. I've picked up...
  15. JohnSMR

    Unsure about ladders to get

    Hi all, I'm starting up window cleaning from next month! I've got all the equipment apart from ladders! I'm unsure about what size ladders to get. I dont have a car so i'll be walking around with them. I've been looking at Lyte Trade Ladders, specifically these two: Lyte Trade ELT230 Double...
  16. Craig Carr

    Struggling with liquidator wagtail combo

    I purchased a wagtail and fitted it with a liquidator 14 inch channel and razr rubber I also have a standard hamdle with a 10 inch liquidator channel with the black rubber it came with. When using the wagtail combo, i just cant get it to work. Constantly leaving streaks or water in the middle...
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