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Just scanning through some threads over the past hour, Where else could you get good advice worth listening too, moral support business support and a top bunch of lads, nowhere.

This forum is awesome if you look at every thread there is advice offred within hours, it's amazing how people give up there own time to help others.

Thats why this forum is growing, it's great reputation and great members KEEP IT UP LADS /emoticons/sad.png



Staff member
Very well said! Is a always say a forum is only as good as it users and every one of you are amazing. We would not be where we are now without you, and as Paul said the quick responses to posts ensures we keep growing. Most new users to a forum will post a Q and want an answer now! Often if they don't got a reply within a day or two they will go else where. I have done this myself before on other forums LOL.

The fact everyone is so willing to help each other and welcome all new users is great. Thanks all /emoticons/sad.png/emoticons/smile.png:)

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Matty H

Hear hear - I came here from window-tools - a little too serious for my liking /emoticons/sad.png

This forum rocks lol



awesome site i ow a few guys a massive pint or 2 someday in here iv got a full inbox with pms from top member and cant thank them enough for thayer time

its truly invaluable advise and guidance for me.

love how positive people are on here as well always makes u wanna get up and go out and do a bit more :]

great bunch of guys

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