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Backpack Question???


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As you regulars on here already know I am a traditional Window Cleaner.... I have read a few posts which mention a "Backpack"... What is this?... Am I right is saying it something to do with the Water Fed Pole System. If so can anyone post me a link to a picture of one?... What sort of price are they?, Weight and how many average size houses can a backpack do?... might be something for me to look into on day!...



it is basically a minature wfp system which, as its name implies, you carry on your back. They have there uses, but only (imo) as an add on to a van or larger trolley system.



Yes it's a small 'all in one' really. You just need to add pure water. I started out using just a backpack & carrying some 25l barrels with me. I can do houses all day with just that. Only got a van system as I got bigger commercial jobs.

Window cleaning warehouse do em, about £150.



I would rather a trolly system however they do the job but could imagine carrying water on your back can get quite painful and tiring.

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