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rite been offerd some conservatory jobs,not monthly basic cleans but proper green to clean cleans. any ideas what i should be charging here roughly???

i literally dont know what i should be charging but having done one before i know its a fair bit of work!


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Plenty of hot soapy water some cif cream bleach and if your lucky customers hose pipe



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Mornings work and use tap water to clean the muck and get it almost clean then finish off with pure water also pre treat with tfr and spray on get it in halfords or b&q



for a average roof i charge £15-20 extra that's just for the panels

to clean the whole thing so gutters top plastics panels ect i charge around £40 + the normal window charge for a avrage side one

got 1 next week that's £120 tho which had 6 years of **** on it and is pritty big prob 3 hrs work but will be working hard on that 1 lol

simple way to work it out tho is charge per hr so around i charge £20 a hr + the normal window clean charge ontop so if it takes 2 hrs it be £40 + £15 windows so £55

for a full con and windows gutters are extra /emoticons/tongue.png


mr shine

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i charge an hourly rate my minium charge is 40 access to the roof can slow you down unless your loaded and can afford a conny ladder i have a step ladder which is good enough

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