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Smaller drums


Recently my wife started doing a bit more with me, and I changed my water barrels from 25L to 20L to make it easier for her to lift.

Got to say - hardly notice the difference when working - got used to changing them slightly more regularly.

Biggest bonus though - lugging them around inside the van - I stack them 2 high and with limited headroom they are much easier to manage.

Back no where near as sore at the end of the day.

Now though I carry 15 drums for 300L where I used to need 12

Does anyone else use 20L drums?




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no, i'm still a 25's man (wish i was still that age). thing that puts me off backpacks is, not the 18ltr capacity but the fact that you have to refill it, but if i ever get round to diy ing my own compact trolley, i'd probably go for 20's, where they from?

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