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We've started working for a new principal contractor, on the Tesco refurb programme.


Carried out all the works as per the quote & spec.


A lot of the areas flowed into other areas and it all seemed a bit bitty and not right.


There was things like walls directly by the side of our works that were dirty so it didn't make the area look better.


We cleaned them, probably doing an additional days work, if you added it all together - over a 2 week period.


Some people wouldn't bother and would stick to the spec, thinking 'if they ain't paying I ain't doing it'


Not me I can't help myself - it has to be right.


Email message last night.


'Really happy with all works at Tesco Goodmayes, the site managers have been singing your praises and you are one of a few contractors that we have had no trouble with'


Been invited to price another works from this, next week, in Cambridge and a phone call this morning to look at some cleaning on one of the Tesco distribution centres.


Was the additional (non paid) days work worth it - I know the answer?



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Only joking. Congrats, sounds like a good earner. You can't beat a little recognition from a customer, even if it isa commercial job, I suppose it feels even better. Well done.:)

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