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Wfp bad back and neck!


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Hi guys,


I use to do traditional window cleaning but packed it in because of my back and neck kept suffering through lifting ladders all the time.


I've been doing part time work doing other bits and pieces and have thought about getting back into it for a while with wfp. Just wondered if any of you guys experienced same thing and if wfp doesn't put so much strain on back and neck, worried about getting a set up and suffering again.


Hope to hear your thoughts



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If you think trad was bad then you will be in for a rather big shock as wfp work is hard graft too. The only option going down the wfp route if you suffer with a bad back to try and make it easier on your body is to get decent lightweight kit.

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Thanks smurf, the main problem was lifting the ladders on and off my truck all day. I was only ever doing domestic not big commercial jobs and if I go back aim to stay that way.



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Thanks for feed back guys. I know from watching others do it it could give aches but I'm thinking that's down to using muscles you don't usually use. How would you say it compares to lifting ladders all day?

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What would you recommend I do regards set up? I was thinking of getting a 350litre tank in the back of my Hilux either the whole kit or the purification bit in my garage and transfer to back of truck or would you say start off with a trolley?

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I found when I started using pole that my neck was hurting too, so now I,extend my pole further and stand further away from the Windows and it's solved the neck situation. In regards to your back, lift with your legs, not your back when lifting the barrels.

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Guest boarcity

i believe that getting an aching neck/back from using ladders is down to three things

A- bad carrying procedure,back should be straight at all times, and when getting them on or off your vehicle should never be lifted/heaved but should be slid , modify your roof bars to include a roller bar and or fit body protector strips directly to car /van body so you can slide ladder on without doing any paint damage


B- body weight, are you overweight? , if so get losing some - overweight body= back problems


C- not doing enough ladderwork can lead to back problems, you do it just a little then you lose the knack - step things up by increasing your workload . it gets easier on your body the more ladderwork you do /strange but true

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The only way to make it easy would be to go all out and get a van mount so your not lugging water around, I sometimes get pains inside my left shoulder it's been coming and going for years now it's like a repetative strain injury, you can buy poles that weigh next to nothing butt they still can put strain on your back specially when cleaning at angles (like over conservatorys)

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Lifting ladders all day is good for you

Getting paid to go to the gym

My mate suffered with a bad back and it was the way he was slightly twisted to compensate for the weight of the ladders

Carried them differently and pain went away

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yep lifting ladders off the car was my big back problem..not anymore as i psych myself up so i know whats coming and i have got used to it now...same with the barrels..and i try to equalise the weight by carrying both...


er anyone who thinks wfp is the easy option.......:rofl:but its great for stomach muscles......


being a hybrid windy is great as if something starts aching.....i switch to another method.....remember...listen to your body:thumbsup:

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The problem with the ladder lifting comes from getting them off my vehicle. I have a Toyota hilux which is quite high which give a bad lifting style off the roof. No I'm not over weight you cheeky what's it [emoji12]


I've suffered from a bad back for sometime and the ladders weren't helping


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I had a bad back for years (ever since the sneezing while picking up a box incident)

One day someone said I should build up my core muscles in the gym so I did a lot of deadlifts etc..agony for around 2 weeks then no problems for last 4 years..

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