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Gardiner flocked sill brush


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I think I'll be getting one of those!


I use my sill brush for conservatory roofs, fascias, soffits, gutters & the initial scrub on first cleans... I can see this working well & speeding me up. :)

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That one would probably work better than using say a stiff gardiner sill brush on gutters etc with chems being flocked and all but would be a pain for me not being able to rinse on glass if used for window cleaning

Think it would be good for getting the majority of mess off if in a state, then need to change to rinse on brush, changes are quick with quickloq system

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Think it would be good for getting the majority of mess off if in a state, then need to change to rinse on brush, changes are quick with quickloq system


That is exactly how I plan to use it! :D

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Just browsin new products in Gardiner online shop I see they have a new flocked sill brush, cant see any description in their brush guide to say what its best at cleaning, but guessing filthy conny roofs/windows, being flocked Im guessing rinse off glass?



How did you find the new brush @windowsurfer?.... I can only find it on the Gardiner site using your link! :confused:

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First item in my new products section is the motorized reel... doesn't appear in the brush section either!

Something strange going on here! :confused:

Probably to do with the cache memory in your computer. Purge the cache and all history on your browser.



Here is the brush


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I bet you sell other brushes?




Come on!




Just pointing out, not all window cleaners don’t know what brush type they are using.


Tecbuk brushes uses 3 types of very different bristle, within a range of just 7 different brushes, that’s including the 2 types of trim finish and 3 ‘genuine hybrid brushes’. I have been doing this since 2010, nobody else has. How many types of brushes do you think I can make with 3 types of bristle?


Some companies sell a range of brushes with just the 1 type of bristle, but with different colour bristles (made for Hygiene), or mono diameter size, different size/shape brush stock and flocked ends etc.


Over the years I’ve spoken to many window cleaners who brought a selection of brushes, all with the same type of bristles. I’ve seen youtube videos with a window cleaner talking about the difference between wfp brushes, and yet the bristle are all the same type.


Unfortunately I still read it, now on the forums. But I have to admit I do enjoy seeing some characters buy a new, but the same type of brush, then read there (expert) review… ‘It’s amazing so much better than the last one’, LOL, give it a few months and he/they will do it again, and again and again. Make's you wonder does the penny ever drop with these people.


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