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Who's been a naughty boy then!


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it is bad for dogs but a little wont do em any harm.....my dad still tells the story every Christmas of ben his beloved springer spaniel and how he unwrapped all the chocolate pressies and eat them but...put all the presents back as if they hadnt been touched...:D


hmmmm we have to live with a senile springer who is sending us mad wondering around for no reason and falling over and bumping into everything...bless him...at least hes happy...

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My Westie wolfed my birthday cake once, the whole bloody cake. We were on holiday in Cornwall, and as we were unpacking the car we had left the dog and cake in it while we sorted stuff out in the cottage. The little :turd: ate the lot and was sick over the carpet to boot. He also had a bad habit of marking his territory indoors whenever we stayed in a holiday let too :confused:

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Oh well at least tuffering was still on the cards as was yer birthday after all :D


My wife still bring up a story what happened years ago. I was left strict instructions not to let our dog into the kitchen/diner as was one of my kids birthday and the wife had put food out on the table. Anyhow I was awoken with a ranting wife standing by the sofa shouting “I told you not to let the dog in the kitchen, She has only eaten a whole plate of sausages on sticks." WTF as I ran into the kitchen there I find the dog next to a pile of sticks and a very contented look on her face. Oops! needless to say I was in the poop again :whistle:

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When I was a kid we had a puppy westie and a puppy cairn terrier, my mum left her bag on the floor and the dogs shredded her purse with a load of notes in it and ate her secret stash of chockies


She did rush them to the vets as it is supposed to be bad for them.


For a short while you could see the silver wrapping of a Cadburys Cream Egg in their poo lol

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Well..........:gush: :(.....


I was in the Pub last night, necking back whisky like its going out of fashion.

"You OK mate?" - said the barman

"I'm fine, just got a bit of a shock when I came home early from work"

"Oh really, what happend?" asks the very curious barman.

"I caught my wife getting shagged by my best friend, so I told her to pack her bags and fcuk off".

"What about your best friend" said the barman.

"I looked him straight in the eye and said....


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Well, if he's snuffed it when I go round for my money we'll know :D


I went round for my money last night, no sign of dog or the owner. They may have been at the vets :D. The daughter paid me, so it wasn't all bad :rofl:

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