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Resin advice please

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Can anyone advise me if resin can be ruined by getting it wet before it's used.

I have an 11litre resin canister so had quite a bit left over after using new resin from a 25 litre bag.

Anyway I made a novice error and managed to flood the shed . The spare resin was still stored in its original bag and unfortunately got a bit wet.

I have now come to replace my old resin with the stuff that got wet and I have noticed my tds reading which was 000 has already gone up to 005 within a couple of months. I renewed all the RO filters at the same time as the resin so was expecting it to be at 000 for ages like the first time.


Any advice appreciated.

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ahh well ...if it got wet with dirty water...for a long enough period...it would have cleaned the flood water for you but....ruined the resin...:D


mines hidden in the daughters bedroom so ..it should be safe.


sorry to be the bearer of bad news..


of course...new resin does cause the tds to rise for a while anyway..so keep using it and keep an eye on it and it may go 000


and new filters naff the tds up as well especially the carbon one...you just have to draw a lot of water for it to settle down..


listen to me like a true expert...


ta sprucey smurf tuffers and co...


maybe soon ...I can open a course..


and you will get a t shirt...:rofl:

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