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Hotel window cleaning price

Joe Preston

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Screenshot_20191212-122904_Google.jpg.66166ac585bfc1e213661c27e248f0ee.jpgHi guys just looking at a price for a hotel I've got to price up. There are 65 rooms also a 3 storey hotel.. looking at 4 weekly price and 8 weekly prices. Also it's only a 5 minute drive from where I'm based.




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58 minutes ago, Joe Preston said:

Should take about 2 hours also theres about 10 normal size windows inside. They want it doing every month



Is it a premier inn type of establishment ?... I have always found they expect to pay £70-80 for that type of building I met the regional manager from premier inn years ago and that was all they were prepared to pay ,but with the insides as well it should be £150 - 185 we do privately owned stuff that’s similar takes up to two hours for prices between £180-225 , good luck with the quote 

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1 hour ago, scottish cleaning service said:

I would be asking £240 for 8 weekly and slightly less for monthly maybe £180.

Thank you Scottish cleaning services for your advice 

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1 hour ago, Martyn said:

Stay Inn has to be a great lockdown name.

How many windows/doors are there? I wasn't sure from the pics.

It's not a hotel chain I'd Stay Inn though. The OP didn't give any feedback so we can only assume he didn't get it.  

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20 minutes ago, Part Timer said:

It's not a hotel chain I'd Stay Inn though. The OP didn't give any feedback so we can only assume he didn't get it.  

Doh! Didn't spot it was a graveyard thread. 🤬

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I stayed in a few dirty hotels in my life, stuff like that happens. I didn't mind it when I was younger, I looked for cheaper hotels, and it was no surprise for some of them to be dirty. I get mad when it happens now, because I want a clean bed to sleep in, or a decent room.
Has any of you ever paid for cleaning at your houses? We would have one Cleaning Day a week, but there is no time now. We both work a lot, and with kids there is just no time for us to do it. I always thought that paying for someone to clean your house is for rich people, but it's really not.

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