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Shuflo pump lay down flat

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1 hour ago, Martyn said:

I think it would probably speed up wear of the bearings, thinking long term.


In the early days Shurflo never stipulated how the pump should be mounted. It was only later on they advised that when mounted vertically the motor should be 'on top'. Their reasoning was that if the pump side developed a leak it will not drip over the motor.

Now they make a valid point and since then we have always vertically mounted pumps with the motor on top. However, I'm not sure that Shurflo actually believe this. If they did they would put the label on so you could read it with standing on your head. But saying that, they did change the inlet filter to compression cone fittings rather than the original screw fitting they started with.

As far as I know Shurflo have never stated anything about horizontal mounting. However, you need to consider how you mount the inlet filter. Mechanical best practice is that the filter should be fitted with the bowl down. This is for 2 reasons.

1. You don't want water spilling when the remove the filter bowl for periodic cleaning;

2. If the bowl is on top then bits of filtered particles could drop into the filter housing when taking the bowl off for cleaning. That's not what you want to happen.

The other problem you will encounter fitting the filter correctly is that there isn't enough space to allow you to remove the filter bowl to clean it out without removing the whole filter from the pump.

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