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Varistream cutting out and its not the battery?

Blade Runner

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Blade Runner


so i have come on to this forum and found very helpful answers in the past but thought it was time i actually join properly all the more so as i have a question that i need a bit of expertise in solving.

so my varistream controller kept cutting out and i just thought it was my battery as when i first started out i did abuse the leisure battery a bit before i learned more about how to look after them. So recently i bought a numax leisure battery but first day using, the varistream cut out and showed the dreaded U symbol. i was able to switch off and on again (a long tried and tested solution) and it came back on long enough to finish the job so i believe it is highly unlikely a brand new leisure battery that was recommended on here is the problem

so my question is this: what do you think the problem is? maybe a weak wire connection or blown fuse or is it just a fail safe that if im overloading the pump with too much build up in pressure with the univalve in use that it cuts out as a protective measure?

any help would be greatly appreciated also i wanted to @spruce as i have seen that you are often the man to ask


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Blade Runner
On 02/05/2020 at 08:57, spruce said:

@ian Sheppard works for the opposition. 😂

So any ideas what the problem could be? Any advice would be appreciated? 

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Posted (edited)
13 hours ago, Blade Runner said:

So any ideas what the problem could be? Any advice would be appreciated? 

I copied the question to the water fed pole cleaning section of the forum and made some suggestions there on Saturday. I tagged you so it should have shown up on your device/computer.



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Ian Sheppard

Morning Bladerunner. I would agree with Spruces comments. Also adding to that a Brand new battery could still have a low charge. Depending on how long it has been sat on a shelf parasitic discharge can occur. This means that just sat connected or not a battery can lose up to 5% of its capacity over the space of a week. For example a 80 amp hour battery could lose 4 amps a week just sat on the shelf. A bench charge with a mains charger overnight will sort that out. Also as Spruce comments knowing your battery charging regime would be useful as if your using a Split relay only the issue could be there.


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