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A big thank you

Rhys Window Cleaning

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Rhys Window Cleaning

Just want to say what a massive help this forum has been on all the top lads on it! For a few months I’ve been researching on here( but keeping quiet 😂) to help the start up of my company. All of this information on here has been so invaluable. I can’t see there being many trades out there that would have to many guys helping each other out.

Just a little info about me, after years of working as a builder for someone, who now is slowing his business down. I was kind of pushed into finding a new job.  But a few friends and my father in law, who do window cleaning suggested I get into this line of work. So with a lot of thought I’ve decided to take the jump and Tuesday will be the start of canvassing! So really it’s just a massive shout out to everyone on here, for all the advice. Cheers lads 

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Welcome onboard, and a big thank you back to you, someone who has done his research and been good enough to thank us members.

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Good luck with the canvassing. When you've gone an hour or two without any success.....never give up! Great time of year to be starting.

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Good flyers and a team of family n friends to distribute them, alongside ya canvassing will work wonders.

Gl in your venture and welcome to the party 👍👍


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Welcome, now you have made your first post don't forget to come back and keep us updated. It would be great to hear how you get on canvassing and on your first jobs.

Good Luck.

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Rhys Window Cleaning

Thanks guys, I’ll keep you posted. Can’t wait to get started. 

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