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Pure Water Problems

charlie tapper

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hi guys ..sorry for long post




i have a 300 gpd system


the water when i brought system new was 007 before going into di vessel and di bout it down to 000


the readings started to creep up so changed the resin last month


that was ok for a week or so but soon started rising again . upto 008


i took the tds from after the membranes but before di and it was reading 015 ( when new it read 007 from same place )


so i thought right filters prob need changing so changed all 3 filters pre filter . carbon and sediment . put them in same way and order as when system come from new.


and still was reading 015 . i flushed it and left it running ( before connectecting to d.i vessel ) still no difference . when connected to di went down to about 005 .


but still not manging to get the reading down from 015 before entering di .


so i changed the membranes also ( which i dont think needed changing as only had system running for about 5 months) but then it read 029 after membranes ... flushed it , left it running and went down to 018 ... still not managing to get it to 007 after membranes .


any ideas whats going on or whats going on , surely the filters and membranes cant be faulty and resin only changed last month .


really appreciate any comments

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More than likely it`s down to the high temps we`ve been having, Although water production will increase the purity after the membranes will not be as good.


Because the water entering the membranes has more energy (heat) and the particles are moving more quickly it is harder for the membranes to remove them.


As the energy (heat) drops the particles in the water move more slowly and the membranes can remove them more easily.



So high temps affect water quality - hotter = worse quality but more produced per hour


Colder = higher quality but less produced per hour

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wow thanks ive had same problem, changed resin, changed pre filters and membranes but still producing nearly double amount as usual and having to change resin every 3 days when usually i change once every 3 week. i also have 2 resin DI and still have problems. i thought it was wired up wrong or summat. so deffo the heat guys and will go back to normal soon when temp drops as im stressin like mad?

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Dont know if it has out to do with this but I have a ro. And normally takes 3 days to full my 1000 ibc tank in the shed.


Well last couple of times ive filled it its taking half the time. Only a day and a half to fill my tank.


Must be hot weather. Not changed resin in 4 months and its reading 004 to 006 on the tds.

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same here mate i got 1000 tank n its filling up in half time, n im changin resin lots. my membranes were reading 50 when usually 17 b4 resin so i changed em. dunno if they needed changin or wudda gone back to normal when it cools but its too late iv thrown em lol

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Extreme heat can crack the resin beads but would have to be very hot. If you have your di vessel outside in direct sunlight yes will cause damage to the resin beads in this heat

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