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I have come now, to the point where I am working 7 days a week, 8-6 every day window cleaning.

I currently work by myself.


I have 2 routes I could go down, Either employ and work with some-one or employ someone and let them do the work while I build a secondary round up.


I am just wondering how to pay someone.

Would it be easier to pay per day or pay per property?

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This has been a topic of discussion with me and some other business owners lately.

I think a basic wage should be given but a bonus system needs to opperate. One aimed at keeping them totally up to speed with when you need the work doing. Otherwise them slscking off even a little can cost you large amounts over time.


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like tench0771 says


I would just take someone on, surpricing how much you get done with 2 of you working,


but a friend of mine was window cleaned for someone else,


he had to do £130 a day to get his basic wage, anythink he did over to 130 he got 40% of.


just to give you an idear of how some work,

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I pay Derek £10 per hour, he always earns over £300 a week.after tax! You gotta find a good guy and keep him, pay buttons and watch the quality disappear and staff turnover is bad news , you end up constantly training someone.we work on a 37.5 hour week, we don't have public hols off but we never work weekends, suits us both.

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Well I've done subcontract work for 6 different companies with regular work off 4 and after being paid some faily awful wages at times for what hard work I've done I personally now pay a lad who works with me from to time an amount based on getting certain work done. So he knows if he slacks I'll dock it or if he finishes early I'll dock it knowing we get the desired work done.

In the future with more regular workers or full timers I'd prob do a set dqy price with a bonus so they'll want to exceed.

50pound a day sounds fine for someone starting out.


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I remember when I first started window cleaning at 16 I was working for a friend of the family I was doing Trad and doing ladders and I was on £25 a day, then I got offered to work with somebody else doing 9 our days on £8 per hour, did me well at the time

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I work all the time, No matter what the weather Is like. Only was to keep a Regular Service and I don't fall behind,

99% off the Customers are happy to have windows cleaned in the Rain as well.

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pay my mate £50 per day his bonus is if he wants extra will do extra job end of shift thats his

not sure about leasing work will they do the graft properly will they take your work

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