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I love window cleaning


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Realised I actually love it; independence, being the boss, working hard and reaping what you sow, having the world as your oyster.

I'm off ill today, but I'm dying to get outside and push the business forward and earn some pennies.

Think I might go do some canvassing this afternoon, don't wanna push myself too much today, rather have a day off proper work, then have 2 or 3 days working with smaller productivity and me feeling like hell.

Going to do a leafleting campaign soon on around 400houses in the area, all large semi's with 6-8 window wide bays on the front, if i pick up 4 should be an extra £40 a month, which should help towards fuel etc.

Glad that I actually am looking forward to it though, hehe.

Rant over. lol

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