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Latest invention - "RPG"


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Rolling Pole Guide.

I know that a few of you have already seen this video, but thought I would see what everybody's opinion is - good, bad or ugly.

Please be honest - I don't want to waste my time if this is a non runner,

but if it does get good feedback then there may be some improvements I haven't thought of.


Rolling Pole Guide, which attaches to the top of a telescopic pole, providing a roller at the pivot/fulcrum where the pole comes into contact.

This enables poles to be use to reach over deep extensions, conservatories, atriums etc. without straining the operator, and making previously inaccessible windows accessible.

I have attached a few photos that will show the basic concept.

The prototype has one fixed leg, and one adjustable leg that can be lengthened or shortened to compensate for any sloping roofs etc. that it might be set upon.

The accessory kit is basically a small window limpet with an adjustable shock cord that can be secured to a window directly in line with the RPG pole to stop it moving around. (I have found that it is best set up when the cord is at 90 degrees to the pole, and the cord nice and tight).

This tether is not always required, but is invaluable when windy / access is particularly difficult.

You will notice that the rollers form a "V" shape, but after testing with a 3 roller |___| configuration it is easier to clean wider windows, and the water fed pole is more stable, and does not run over the rollers. Both have their place, and it may be an idea to offer both inter-changeable rollers with the RPG

I have also found that the handle (a cannibalised squeegee handle) would be much better if it sloped down at approx 30 degrees - to the adjustable knuckle on the pole. This would provide greater clearance for the water fed pole.

When testing my prototype, my wife, who is of slight build has been able to clean windows that I would previously have struggled with.

I have also tried the RPG with a carbon modular pole - and having a more rigid pole enables you to do so much more.

After attaching a set of scales to a pole, and cleaning at an angle similar to the one pictured - I found that I needed to use 9kg of force in my left hand pushing upwards, and 12kg of force in my right hand - pushing downwards. With the RPG the force needed was negligible and did not register on the scales.

Let me know what you think



Well-known member
when i saw rpg i thought we were in for dungeons and dragons.

i can't view the vid yet so can't give a verdict as such and it's a bit tough to work out in the written word, but if it's making those above connys a doddle it sounds a winner, even with the lightest of pole and brushes they can wear you down, my only question at the mo is is it something you have rigged up all the time or do you have to fetch it periodically when needed? oh, and is it dear 2 questions /emoticons/smile.png

i'm particularly impressed with working out the force used, stroke of genius! think i'll call you the proffessor!



Hi Chip - just use it when you need it.

Price wise I am not sure what it will be yet - likely to be between £25 - £35 depending which rollers, and a little bit more for the the accessory kit.



It looks useful mate. Thought I would probably only use it on jobs where there were lots of velux, as it might take 3 times as long to get out & set up as it would to clean window.

But at that price point, it's gotta be worth it if you have work that it'd be useful on!

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