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Is anyone canvassing at the moment


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Hi all I planned to start door knocking in March but obviously covid and lockdown I didnt. I was thinking of starting to door knock and leafleting next week. But where covid is going up in alot of places not sure if people will like it or not. Not sure if it might be to much hassle with some people on there door step. I will wear a mask and gloves. Is anyone door knocking at the moment?

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Hi Danny,

This is my first post! Great Question, I'm relatively new to this and am trying to build up my round. I've been designing a leaflet ready to print it out tomorrow and deliver from Monday but am having second thoughts.

Ideally i'd love to knock and then stand back 3 meters plus to talk to them. but not sure how that would be received?

I think handing leaflets would be acceptable, I've been receiving takeaway leaflets at home. A few Avon equivalent sellers have delivered catalogues in clear plastic seal-able bags which have a note saying they've been disinfected. I think that would satisfy any people who are worried but adds a cost to it all. Might make us stand out more though for making the effort as a business?

Let me know your thoughts anyway.

I think I'm just going to go for it and see how it goes.

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It's up to you what steps you take when canvassing I thinking showing concern by wearing gloves etc will show consideration and care.

A lad I know has been canvassing like mad in recent weeks and picked up a lot of work, he doesn't wear a mask or anything just canvasses and works as normal, it's very much a personal choice as to what is best. 

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Surely, if pubs are open and everyone is out and about, then there's nothing wrong with knocking on doors to get some work? Wearing a mask would be a good idea, as you'll be meeting a lot of people, so it's for your own and their protection.

As for it being a hassle, it definitely is, but it's free and it works.

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I think I'm just gonna go out and give it a go and see what reaction I get from people. I'll wear a mask and gloves. Like madeads said the pubs are open and everyone is out and about. I'll try if people get the hump ill just leaflet instead. Thanks people

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2 hours ago, Teddington Window Cleaners said:

Ive been canvasing for the last 3 months and my business has been growing everyday. 

Thanks for sharing that. Really good to know. I will stick with my instincts and crack on then!

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