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Best Garden sprayer for cleaning conservatory roofs


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Hi all, I'm cleaning a conservatory roof for the first time at the end of the week and need to buy a garden sprayer with a decent sized lance at the end for spraying

Also what chemical would you reccomend to use, I've got some in mind but always great to know what you guys are using

I have two gardiner backpacks at the mo but don't want to contaminate them with any chemicals so buying something separate

Thanks really appreciate the tips and advice

Thank you
We use this.

And a standard capsule. Pencils have advantages with moving larger bits. But with this we uses a single fan. As the pressure can move a lot of things.

We uses a mold killer on con roofs to kill of the mold and algie and stop it growing back to quickly.

But conservatory roofs are probably even worse for varying opinions on the best way to clean them.

Basically listen to the varying advice on here try it until you find the best solution for you.
What kind of roof is it? If its self cleaning glass I dont use chemicals on it.

I have all the spraying equipment but prefer to have a bucket and just dip my brush in it to put it on while giving a light agitation to start with before properly scrubbing it..\
Use a Gardiners backpack if it's just Virosol, Ubik or Screwfix degreaser then rinse out after use and it will be fine. Worst case the pump eventually dies then it's not expensive to replace and DA Components do a chemical safe pump that fits the backpack I think.
Same as MattleKim I use the Gardiners single 50 degree fan jet to spray and it seems to work fine.

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