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Sudden increase in tap tds

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I know I'm luckier than most having had a tap tds of 30-35 for the last 4 years but I noticed my last fill of resin didn't last too long.

Checked my tap water & it's jumped up to 92!

Anybody have anything similar or any ideas?


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Time to change to an r/o system.


It could be that water is being sourced from another dam. You could phone the local water authority and ask the question.


Our water was 254 before they relined the pipes in the area. Its now down to between 90 and 120. We get our water from Keilder dam. Most cleaners in the area from the Tyne to Teesside have the same water source and similar tds. This doesn't apply to Hartlepool as they get their water from wells and their tap water tds is around 550.

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