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WCW for RO Filters?

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6 hours ago, doug atkinson said:

Having what you have gone through and you're still window cleaning have to say well done and keep it up.

Thank you Doug. It's been tough but I'm still going.  

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On 05/01/2019 at 16:52, P4dstar said:

The meter I bought had 1/2'' BSP so I added the 1/2'' BSP to 1/2'' push fit adapters you can see in the pic. Gardiners have since stopped selling these. They recommended I buy the 3/8'' BSP ones and a reducer. All of these thread sizes, metric & imperial etc confuse the hell out of me and i've never managed to find the same sort of thing elsewhere but I won't need any until I add a second pump to the van.


I have a Hozelock size connection with a 1/2'' push fit on the other side, goes into the shut off valve first, then the flow meter then a singular TDS meter so I can see the tap TDS and finally into the pre-filters and RO.


Coming out the RO I have the usual waste pipe, just some cheap hose. For the pure I have gone with John guest again, and installed a splitter so I can dump the first bit of water that comes out and beat the TDS creep.Got a dual TDS Meter too so I can measure in and out of the DI. 


Oh yeah and since that pic i've gone double DI.... Maximum savings and all that.

Hi mate. Do you know what size tube you have going to your DI. I’m asking as I’m planning to get a inline TDS meter and they all seem to have 1/4 inch JG fittings as standard.

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