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had a phonecall earlier

Newbie cleaner

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So I had my first stay off my patch call today.


Went a little like if you leaflet my shops again I'll knee cap you with a lovely little bit at the end.


Anyways thinking shall I call back or leave it be?


And the end of the day its cool but dont think i deserved a call like that really.

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i think most of us have had that b 4 ( rarrrrrr stay of my pach ) haha just leave it m8 it ant wrth it if he confronts u face to face an gets agresseve smack him one;):D i mean call the police in b perfeshanel :)

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if you know who the scumbag is report him to police,they may pay him a visit!

he could have just rang you up and nicely had a chat with you explaining that h does those shops etc but then again what right has he got,must be worried about his work.

i dont worry about my work as i know i do a top job so if anyone can do better and cheaper theyre welcome to it!

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It would be best to report this to the Police so that it is noted and logged for future reference.

Then if/when he does confront you and you end up knocking him out, you can tell the police it was self defence, and that you have made a complaint about him threatening you with physical violence previously.

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Im still totally annoyed about it and to be honest I only entered/flyered the dirty looking ones.


And I aint under cutting anyone for any work either I have a price for shop fronts and I stick to it, same with houses.


I'd rather if we was working and crossed paths I'd prefer to talk it dont have to be life stories but even a hello.


Thanks for the input guys

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There are plenty of nutters about so play it cool bud and ignor that plonker;)

Thanks fella, if I was on the other side to be in that frame of mind id be really worried that I was loosing custies to be like that but even still I wouldn't be.

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Do you know the bloke? Have a face to face if poss and explain you don't go in for the undercutting lark. Sounds to me he knows you're new at the game and is flexing his muscles to show you who's the 'daddy'. There are loons about mate. Best way to tackle them is head on, go out of your way to chat with them, stick ya thumb up when passing etc. I wouldn't go to the fuzz, but be extra vigilant around your motor and house etc. If he comes it again then sort it one way or another.

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This patch stuff is all a pecking order and respect sort of thing. Once you're established, you find meeting other windys is a good thing. I met another windy last week. We were cleaning houses next to each other. He was on my 'patch' as I do nearly all the houses on the estate. I think he does 2. We chatted and held each others poles and all was good. You gotta earn ya stripes to get his respect kid. Once you have all will be good mate.

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