how did u start ?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat & Introductions' started by Ryan, Jul 21, 2011.

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  1. Ryan

    Ryan Guest

    how did everyone get into window cleaning ?

    how well u doing now ?
  2. long story short, worked in the motor trade for over ten years got made redundant 3 years ago, started with a ladder, bucket and girlfriends car, now i employ others and make more than i ever did working in the motor trade

  3. bareknuckle4

    bareknuckle4 Member

    Jul 20, 2011
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    Used to repair fruit machines and SEGA amusements got laid off and decided to become a water fed poler :)

    4 years in and although i find it tedious now, its good money - when they pay!
  4. Ryan

    Ryan Guest

    how do you guys find the best way of getting customers when u started out ?
  5. Ken

    Ken Guest

    Left school and bought into a round my brother had.
    I also started sub-contractual work with a few different window cleaning companies.
    At 18 bought quite a bit more work, and dropped the amount of days I worked with others.
    2years later I acquired the round to myself.
    When I turned 21 I had started spending most of my time working for another window cleaning company.
    Last winter I started building up my round to a happier size to become totally self-sufficient and am still in the process.

    At the moment I'm still picking up work, which is going quite well.
    I cannot work without an mp3 player, I'd go mad.
  6. bareknuckle4

    bareknuckle4 Member

    Jul 20, 2011
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    Knocking on doors and asking. Its not fun but its probably the most productive way.
  7. Left school and went to to work as an insurance broker in London. Did 22 years and whilst there gained a law degree as well.
    Got made redundant this Christmas just gone and hated working in a suit that much decided to try something else.
    I had two kids, a wife and a good lifestyle earning £75,000 a year and from that went to nothing.

    I started up iwindowwash 3 months ago and spend as much time as I can canvassing. I do not knock but post a quote through doors, almost always too low as I cannot see the back. I get the work adjust the price if they let me but it gets me seen and from that I pick up work every day at the correct price.

    So far in 3 months I have 100 customers totalling £1500 a month. I reckon on having van number two within a year as I canvas at every opportunity, no matter what the weather.

    I get to see my kids and would not change my job for the world.

    I get many raised eyebrows from freinds and family "how can you have a degree and become a window cleaner". I say I am my own boss, have huge earning potential and above all am happy.

    You have to work at it if you want it to work but remember, every day, every house you pass is a potential customer.

  8. Lukeey

    Lukeey Member

    Jul 19, 2011
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    Faredoes mate.
    Just goes to show having the best degrees and jobs dosen't bring happieness and success. But sometimes the simple things in life brings much happiness :)

    Hi all,

    After leaving school at 16 studied at college for 3 years and had a part-time job at a major bank. Got Distinctions in Business, Law, Geography, Business BTEC. Was planning on heading to a high position in the finance world. But then complete change of career and decided being self-employed window cleaner was for me :)
    Now at 21 have £1500+ round, advertised and canvassed 1000's of homes all around my local area. All setup with an 08 Vw Caddy Sportline and WFP equipment, I would never ever change jobs!

  9. Ryan

    Ryan Guest

    some awesome storeys guys

    really inspiring

  10. totally agree about the mp3 player!!! if seen myself driving back ten mile to get it when i forgot it.