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ashley john

Water spotting

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ashley john

Hi all I done a house today any the windows were absolutely stinking. After I got all the dirt off I noticed that one or two of the windows had really bad spotting. How do I get rid of this and is there a product I can buy to remove this? I reassured her that in time the spots will go just have to find out how to get rid of them. Thanks ash


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If it's stains from concrete or aluminium burned into the glass, the glass might damaged beyond repair.

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If it is water spotting/staining it will not go without treatment.  I use Restorex, not sure if it is available in the UK (www.restorex.co.nz)


I also use Mr Hardwater from the USA.


I have not tried Bar Keepers Friend which I understand is quite effective


Probably do between 2 and 8 house a week for water staining so it is quite profitable for me. 


I charge extra for this service, not sure what the situation is in the UK.


Good luck

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